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Conversational Twitter

Increase Sales in Your Business Just By Tweeting? YES!


Attract customers, find leads and showcase yourself as the top authority in your field without spending thousands of dollars on ads.


Learn how to quickly create tons of organic growth 

(that means NO paying for followers, likes or ads!) 

to increase your business and lower advertising costs! 

Connecting with others online effectively is a critical part of any social media strategy and there’s no place where it’s easier or faster than on Twitter!


Being able to reach out to past, current and potential customers with no barriers!

No waiting for friend requests to be accepted, no waiting for a connection to be accepted.

The Twitter platform is wide open and there are no charges for ads to connect with people.

Devote a little time to this network and watch your business expand right before your eyes!

Here’s What’s Inside
Conversational Twitter

Week 1

Creating An Impactful Twitter Profile

We’ll craft a profile that attracts the kind of customer you’re looking for. I’ll also show you how to use this section to direct people to your most lucrative online location.


And we’ll tweet.



Week 2

Finding Your Audience

Do you think you already know who your audience is? Ok, but we’re going to explore the possibility that there are more people out there that are looking for you and you’ll start engaging with them.

And we’ll tweet.

Week 3

Crafting A Successful Strategy & Testing Tactics

We’ll go over what your strategy is and then experiment with various tactics designed to get you to your business goals.



And we’ll tweet.

Week 4

Planning Your Tweets
and The Tools That Help

We’ll create a calendar with a monthly theme that works with your specific strategy. Then we’ll explore which tools can help you with posting, when to post and when you should be posting live.

And we’ll tweet.


The first 10 people to sign up will get a FREE 30 minute session with me customized to your business needs!


The Details

Emails During The Workshop

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday during the month of March 2019, you’ll receive an email from me that includes that days activities, including things like:

  •  the specific time I and the other students will be on Twitter waiting to tweet with you
  • an idea of what to tweet about that day
  • the class hashtag

Live Twitter Workshops

Grab your coffed and join me on Twitter. I’ll be on Twitter ready to tweet with you at the hours specified in the emails you’ll receive.

If you can’t make it during the live session, I’ll show you how to use a hashtag to find everyone in the class. So tweet anytime and you’ll still get – and learn – engagement.

Facebook Group

What? Facebook? LOL! Yes. If you’re in this class that means you’re just getting started with Twitter. Which means you’re probably more comfortable on Facebook. So let’s use Facebook as a private place to ask questions and get answers.  I’ll be in the group regularly ready to respond.



I’ve created a few cheatsheets that will help you not only follow along but to use as a refresher after the course is over.
You’ll also get the “Twitter for Business: Grow Your Business While Giving Everyone The Bird” guide.

What Do Others Say About Me?

You Can No Longer Afford To Ignore Twitter To Market Your Business!

You can continue to pay for ads on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Adwords, or you can make a much stronger connection for free on Twitter. It just takes a little know-how.

Worried your target audience isn’t on Twitter?

  • Are you looking for people that have more than the average person’s disposable income?
  • Who are loyal to the brands they follow?

According to Hootsuite,

  1. “Twitter users have above average incomes, and 
  2. Twitter serves more than 2 billion search queries a day
  3. Ninety-three percent of people who follow small- and medium-sized businesses on Twitter plan to purchase from the brands they follow.
  4. Sixty-nine percent have already purchased from an SMB because of something they saw on the network.”


How Much Does Conversational Twitter Cost?

The mistake most people make is they think the do-it-yourself route is cheaper. What they don’t take into consideration is how slow and ineffective that can be. Making mistakes along the way can also lose you potential customers. After all, no one wants to hire a professional in any field that doesn’t look, well, professional.

Or worse …

The costs associated with every mistake you make with every attempt. 

So next, people just say, “Okay, can you do it for me?”

Which is the easiest thing to do. But I can tell you from personal experience, of all the business accounts I’ve ever managed, the most successful ones were the ones where the business owner interacted online themselves. 

The most effective way to be successful with your marketing efforts online is to master the technology.

This is a chance for you to learn from me and skyrocket your learning curve in days.

And here it is! You can learn how to do the hardest part of social – ENGAGE! With me by your side (and in the group) for only $97!


Class Tuition


Yes! For less than the cost of a single hour of training with me, you’ll learn how to tweet, when to retweet, and how to engage with real people. And watch your business grow!