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Learn how I drive Twitter traffic to my blog, courses and digital products 


One of the main problems every small business owner faces daily is getting free traffic. If you have no ad budget, you need to learn how to get free organic traffic.

Imagine if you will …

Sitting down with a cup of coffee and your phone and …


Having customers looking for and finding you?
Having people find you and follow you without paying anyone to make it happen?

Monitoring your target audience in a non-creepy way?

Finding customers that are ready to buy your product or service now?

Being able to create a constant flow of customers to avoid that lag between paychecks?

Easily create tons of organic growth (that means NO paying for followers, likes, ads or leads!) to increase your business and lower advertising costs?

Why Twitter Is A Better Traffic Source Than ….


Ranking high on Google to have potential customers eventually find you is great, but let’s be honest. It’s a lot harder and takes a lot longer than most small business owners can afford to wait. Good news alert: Google searches tweet on Twitter so being active on Twitter will help you on Google.


When I started out as a social media manager, one of the first things I would do for my clients was to create a Facebook Business Page and grow it like it crazy. Around 2017, Facebook changed their business model and since then most Facebook Business Pages only receive substantial traffic if they pay for ads.


Trying to get followers and traffic  on a new account is as impossible a feat as poor Sisyphus’ task.  Instagram only allows you to have one link, which is in your profile section, and beyond that you’ll need to have at least 10,000 followers so you can add links in your stories. You know the ones that disappear after 24 hours. You can easily spend hours a day on Instagram with little to no results in driving traffic. The path to sales here is having a large ad budget.


Who doesn’t love YouTube? But even if you already have all the equipment necessary (lights, camera, tripod, video editing software, etc) and technical know-how, each video takes days (or longer) to complete, beginning from writing the script to the finish line of uploading your video. You also need time to grow your following there before you can drive traffic to any of your sales pages or start making money from monetizing your channel.

The Solution To More Business Is Easier Than You Think

The Twitter Free Traffic Generating Machine is Waiting for You!

Whether you are brand new on Twitter or you’ve been around and haven’t had much success, the lessons in the course will teach you how to quickly connect with people and show you the recipe for how often to tweet, how to sell your product or service in a helpful way to customers that need you.

You just need to understand how it works!


Is This How You See Online Marketing?

  • I spend hours each day on my marketing, when will I start getting leads?
  • I don’t come up in Google Search even when I put my own name in the search field
  • I’m embarrassed to tell people I’m on Facebook or Instagram because I have so few likes and followers

Before I Figured Out How To Harness The Magic of Twitter


I wrestled with all the big name social media platforms to find customers. But once I started using the strategy and tactics I share in this course, it wasn’t too long before I was making enough money to quit my day job and work from home. The amazing part to me was finding out that about 90% to 95% of my customers first found me on Twitter before contacting me to work for them. So when I really started using Twitter the right way, I ended up having so many clients I had to refer some to other agencies!

When you’re just getting started with your online business and can’t afford hired help yet, you’re already wearing several hats.

To save time and be successful with your online marketing you need to select one or two social media platforms that will yield the fastest results for you. 



Excellent choice if you are willing to wait several months for Google’s algorithm to find you.



Be sure you have an established business page or are an admin of a group with targeted followers and are willing to dedicate money each month to ads.



Excellent photography, graphic skills, video creation knowledge and a large annual ad budget are important to success on this platform. 



You can get quick results when the proper steps are taken. Business product or service type don’t matter as long as you can talk to people about it and be friendly. No ad budget necessary.
A Word

From The Chief Tweeter

I know your struggle with trying to rise above the online noise, to differentiate yourself from the crowd. I’ve been there. I’ve been a small business owner most of my life. I have a very good idea of how much marketing every solopreneur does daily just to keep the customers flowing. From my personal experience, those of my students and those of my clients, Twitter is the fastest way to gain brand recognition and increase your business across multiple social media platforms. “

– Liz

What People Say About Me

Liz is a marketing wizard! She is very creative and thinks outside of the box. I won’t use anyone else!

Joel Frazier Real Estate


Liz’s knowledge is extensive; she gives it in small bites so it’s easier to manage. Her helpful attitude and the pleasure she gets in sharing and educating her clients makes it a joy to work with her.

Vicki Moore, Realtor


Shout out to @AskForLiz for the great twitter advice. I more than doubled my #followers in 2 days.

Joshua Mischke, Private Lender


I knew social media was the ideal location to reach my target market, but what I didn’t know was how to effectively and efficiently communicate my message, while running a solopreneur business at the same time!

I discovered Liz’s Twitter for Business workshop and found my answers. She taught me rapidly how to attract and engage my ideal clients and as a result, my following grew and my business was ignited. During the time I worked with I signed up three new clients! Liz Evangelatos is an extraordinary mentor and strategist and an absolute pleasure to work with. Making that initial phone call to Liz was one of my most lucrative business moves.

Holly Bryans, Hollygraph Realtor Marketing


With all that goes on in social media it can be so overwhelming and confusing. I feel very lucky to have found Liz. Liz has helped me understand and want to engage more on the Twitter platform. She’s extremely knowledgeable and very fun to work and socialize with. If you are looking to get more out of your social media and marketing Liz is your go-to!!

Kelly Camacho


Being new to using social media in my profession. I quickly found it was tricky. I got connected with Liz on Twitter. She taught me here and there a little bit and when she advertised her Conversational Twitter workshop training I immediately applied for it. There are so many hints and tips and her training helped me so much to expand my followers and get connected to people to do business with. Liz is very knowledgeable, her training is super professional and helped me a lot. If you need help to expand your business, I recommend AskForLiz!

Kathrin Dietsche, Realtor


I don’t know if it were by accident or Providence that I encountered Liz on Twitter! I had used other social media platforms much more (being a verbose writer). However, when I saw some great suggestions on her Twitter feed @askforliz, I realized how beneficial they would be in the context of branding a small business. She teaches classes about proper and professional use of Twitter, and most of us could profit from utilizing her tips and principles.

Nancy (Ayanna) Wyatt


When I first joined the Group Twitter for Business I knew very little about Twitter. She has been a fabulous moderator in the group and always answers our questions. I have learned enough that I know how to twitter more efficiently, have gained many followers and on a daily basis. I now realize the benefits of Twitter and plan on taking more of her classes.

Carol Stanley, Author, Artist


As a Realtor and entrepreneur, I understand the importance of social media marketing. But I was becoming overwhelmed with creating posts and building a following.  And, PLEASE, don’t get me started on hashtags. Then I connected with Liz and my prayers were answered. Liz took the time to get to know me and what I wanted to accomplish. She has proven to be a valuable asset to the growth of my business because she provides the consistency I lacked in social media marketing and, when it comes to hashtags, she wrote the book. Literally! Since working with Liz, my following has steadily increased. Leads are now being converted into customers.  If you are struggling with social media marketing like I did, isn’t it time you ask for Liz? You will be glad you did.

Liliana Herrera, Realtor


Liz has been an inspiration and a tremendous help in showing me how to grow my Twitter base. It’s more than just having followers but it’s about engaging and making a difference. This is where she excels. She really showed me the ropes and can help anyone.

Joel Hug


If you need help with Twitter and learning about how to use it properly, this lady gives great advice!

The Micro Business Renegade



Take a look at the Curriculum

Course Curriculum

MODULE 1. Getting Your Twitter Page Ready For Traffic

  1.  Setup Up Twitter Business Profile
  2. Hashtags & How To Use Them (Or Not)
  3. Scheduling Tweets In Bulk
  4. ≡ Online Participation (Optional)

MODULE 2. Building Your Twitter Community

  1. Finding Old Friends + Past Customers + Leads On Twitter In Minutes
  2. Finding Your Target Audience
  3. Twitter Lists – Public + Private
  4. ≡ Online Participation (Optional)

MODULE 3. Goals, Tactics + Testing

  1. Aligning Your Tactics to Your Goals
  2. Twitter Polls – Instant Surveys
  3. ≡ Example Tweets
  4. ≡ Online Participation (Optional)

MODULE 4. How To Plan and Schedule Your Tweets

  1. Detailed Bulk Upload Tutorial
  2. 3rd Party Twitter Tools
  3. Using Twitter Analytics to Boost Results
  4. Finding Leads – Instantly
  5. ≡ Online Participation (Optional)

The course includes a workbook, cheatsheets, videos + Direct Message access to me on Twitter for any of your questions.

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